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In 2000, MAP met Sister Anne-Marie Salomon. In addition to following a religious calling, she trained and completed studies in medicine to make herself even more useful. She asked us for only FF 5,000 to purchase syringes and medicine. Her devotion and big heart inspired us to offer more. We financed the creation of a small bush dispensary augmented by a few classrooms.

In 2002, we built the "Princess Grace Clinic" at Tébérent.

In 2005, we built the Tébérent school for 100 children next door. We also drilled a well, which allowed, among other things, for the development of a canteen and a vegetable garden to feed the students. In Mopti , a shed was turned over to the Women's Association of Mopti to create a kitchen/diner and clothing store that pay for themselves through the work of these women.


Soeur Anne-Marie Salomon

Recent activities

2012 - 2014
  • In 2012, following the conference of the Sister organized by MAP in Monaco, and given the severe shortage exposed, we sought the assistance of the D.C.I. in addition to our annual aid to support nomadic and sedentary populations, the poorest women and children: by providing drugs, training nurses and Unlicensed assistive personnel to the dispensary "Princess Grace", buying baby milk and food for the nutrition services of the Nomad hospital and 6 health centers, providing school supplies for 4 bush schools. € 18,900
  • Given the political circumstances, the works for housing teachers were stopped. Sister Solomon came in April 2013 and we organized a meal in which she exposed to us the situation. Aid was sent for nurses who continue to treat as well as an aid to make porridge for babies and buy medicines for the hospital of Sister Solomon. Thanks to the previous formation work, MAP structures have been preserved. Aid € 7,570
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