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In 1995, MAP met Father Pedro Pablo Opeka, who devotes his life to saving Malagasy children from the hell of the Antananarivo rubbish dump. This is a horrible place where the poor, who have been rejected everywhere else, end up and try to survive. They must beg, steal, prostitute themselves... And this is where Father Pedro brings hope for a better life. With the help of MAP, he organized these groups of people who, as a result, have been able to build their own homes and work to improve their own well-being. More than sixteen thousand people found their dignity.

The results were so encouraging, so quickly that MAP provided the funding for the construction of the "Rainier III Primary School", which was completed in 1997. A year later, thanks to funding from the Boris Vlasov Foundation, the "Prince Albert College" was built. The "Grimaldi High School" and the Rock Cantine (providing meals for 2,800 children every day) were eventually added to these two institutions to form the Akamasoa educational complex. Then came the addition of " Princess Grace Clinic ", which vaccinates thousands of children. At Ambialana, a village in the dump, 106 homes were built and furnished,  replacing unhealthy slums.

In 2001, we funded sewing machines and a teacher for a training workshop at Itaosy where battered and abandoned women can learn sewing and crafts. In 2007, MAP built the Safata regional hospital and ” lakamisy High School " with 12 classrooms for 1,000 children.

In 2009, in the Akamasoa region, we built a shelter for young bush people where they are trained in animal husbandry and agriculture.

Since 2002, MAP has been working with Father Noe to reorganize and equip schools in the Nosy-Be and Antananarivo areas. We have provided him with educational materials and benches to facilitate the education of children. Yearly, we fund the purchase of flour for making bread rolls to feed 1,200 students every school day at Nosy-Be . Similarly, we buy rice to provide a daily hot meal for children in the kindergarten and primary schools at Andasibe, Ampefy.

In 2007 MAP built and equipped the " Alakamisy College " for 150 children. Schools, clinics have been built and maintained in order to ensure the education and health of thousands of children and local people and enable them to build a better future.

Since 2004, MAP has allocated € 48,000 to Mr. Cyril Judge, Honorary Consul of Monaco to Madagascar, to support humanitarian work in the areas of medicine and education.


Père Pedro Pablo Opeka / Père Noé

Recent activities

2012 - 2014
  • Father Noé
    • Construction of two additional classes to the Anbanitsena school. € 10,672
    • Raising of the Andranoro school. € 12,620
    • Construction of a house to create a Sewing and Computer workshops in Ivato Mandrasoa for school students. € 14,130
    • We continue buying flour to make bread rolls for school children.
      € 10,000 / year
    • Purchase of sixty bikes to offer to the 3 most deserving children of each class of the school of Andasibe-Ampefy which hosts more than 1,000 students and 36 teachers. € 3,100
    • Construction of two additional classrooms at the school Mandrasoa-Ivato.
      € 13,725
  • Salesians Fathers
    • Support to financing the creation of the "Rice Bank" by the Fathers of Don Bosco to purchase and store tons of rice in favorable periods, to distribute to poor families in the region north of Mahajanga Madagascar and allow welding. € 8,440
  • Support for equipping and finishing a small village school of Ankobahoba.
    € 3,000

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