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After SAS Prince Albert ll, accompanied by Mr Desclaux, visited Ethiopia in 2007, the Debreberhan and Omorate projects were initiated, supervised by the Divine Providence Sisters. MAP financed the building of the "Princess Grace" infant and primary school for 200 children, a dining hall and a kitchen for the Debreberhan school. We had wells drilled in Omorate. 

In 2009, upstream Turkana lake, we completed a subsurface dam in Omorate, together with a little tank. A dozen wells were drilled,equipped with pumps and water-softeners, to allow for a better management of the wa ter needs in the area,and provide for a better access to drinkable water, with a better control of sanitary hazards.

The Mendida clinic

Since 2007, we have supported the nutrition service of the Mendida clinic. Between 35 and 40 underfed babies, children, and their mums, come everyday for their health monitoring, vaccination and medicine. They are given a suitable lunch, and can take their evening meal home. 


In 2013, we financed the building of a 4 classroom primary school in Aleltu, 55 kms from Addis Abbeba. The year after, MAP built a second four classroom unit with 2 teacher offices.In 2015 we funded the completion of the construction in the Aleltu Primary School. A second bloc of 4 classes and a teacher’s office were added. In 2016 construction of a Nursery School.

Trampled Rose

MAP has supported this association since 2014, aiming at preventing the two major causes of Fistula: early marriage and premature birh giving 130 among the poorest girls in the D’Amhara-Nkober area are concerned.


Loretta Cointe

Recent activities


Mendida Clinic

  • Annual support to the nutrition service of the Mendida dispensary, which provides access to undernourished mothers and children. 5188€

Trampled Rose

  • Annual sponsorship for the education of 10 girls from very poor families. 2540€
  • Schooling and education of 130 young girls to prevent them from early marriage and diseases, including obstetric fistula. 9090€


  • Purchase of products for the laboratory and books for the Aleltu library, built by MAP. 3000€