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In 1997, MAP directors made the acquaintance of Sister Emmanuelle and Sister Sara in the slum of Mokattam, where 70,000 people, rag pickers, live from recycling garbage. Diseases of eyes and skin, tuberculosis, hepatitis and severe respiratory problems are the most severe diseases. In 2002, thanks to the financial assistance of the World Music Awards, MAP inaugurated the Princess Grace Clinic, which hosts 33,000 people per year.

In 2007, in collaboration with ASMAE, MAP creates the professional training project for girls and boys to trades required in the villages of the El Marg community. MAP continues to provide financial assistance for extraordinary purchases of new machineries and equipment for the Mokattam clinic.

Since 2008, MAP finances operations performed by Dr. Sonia El Saiedi at the University Hospital for Children in Cairo: it is one of the largest hospitals in the world. The demand for care is growing: between 60,000 and 70,000 children per year. Despite the efforts of the hospital, the economic situation is such that it cannot meet the needs of all patients and it depends on outside donations. MAP has contributed to its services through the purchase of surgical equipment required for cardiac surgery. This has saved so far, some 60 children.


Soeur Sara

Recent activities

2012 - 2014
  • DR SONIA EL-SAIEDI: Cairo University Children Hospital. Purchase of cardiology equipment for the pediatric service used in operations of children with severe heart diseases. € 49,740 + € 34,000
    • "Princess Grace" Clinic, Mokattam. Operational aid. € 25,000 per year
    • Furnishing of medical equipment for the Clinic (Operating Table, Dental Seat). € 20,500
    • In 2012, thanks to the funding from MAP, for the first time, girls from families of scavengers from Mokattam will follow university studies: five of them in pharmacy (for 5 years) and one in medicine (for 7 years). They all got their highschool diploma with excellent grades and deserved the opportunity to continue their studies. € 5,000 per year.
    • In november 2014, purchase of an echograph for the Princess Grace Clinic. € 35,384

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