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Following an initial investigation conducted by Dr. Richard in 1985, MAP decided to help the people of Makenene making him dig two pump wells. In addition, a doctor was assigned to the dispensary to care for 18,000 people in the region. In the village of Ndé, two young "frontier engineers" were responsible for drilling two wells that MAP equipped.

In 1986, despite administrative difficulties, MAP was able to get a tilling machine and irrigation equipment, offered by the company Tunon, into the country. In addition, Dr. Richard trained Community Health Workers to operate the clinic.

In 2002, in Yaounde, MAP opened the "Princess Grace" shelter, which receives 160 young street children every day. Ever since we have covered the operating costs of this facility that provides a better future for these young people. Father Maurizio states that some were able to reintegrate into a normal life.

In 2007, at the extreme north of Cameroon, MAP builds a Centre with a small clinic, a dining room, a kitchen and toilets that serve 325 children, of which 30 have motor disabilities, 100 are deaf and dumb and 50 are orphans.

In this country MAP has financed the building of schools, drilling of drinking water wells, and aide to widows through training in the skills of hairdressing, embroidery, sewing and childcare.

In Bertoua, in 2010 with Brother Albert Messi Owada, we completed the construction of drinking water wells.

Every year, we renew our support to the "Princess Grace" Home where Father Maurizio, known as: "The Bandits' Father" is in charge of the youth workers helping for the social integration of 160 street children.


Père Maurizio Bezzi à Yaoundé

Recent activities


  • Financing “Princess Grace" Home, 11.000€ and 14.000€.
  •  In 2016, MAP completed Obut school renovation, 17.000€.


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