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This is a country that lives primarily from agriculture and its trade through its ports.

Since 1998, MAP has assisted the Catechists Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart for the education of girls who will be literate, trained in sewing, childcare and hygiene in our Women Promotion Centre of Kouandé.

Since 2001, MAP will build 3 classes in the village of Kénékou. Since then, work has been done to develop and expand the school that educates more than 200 children each year. In 

2004, in Bembéréké, we were able to finance the purchase of agro-machinery to alleviate the hard daily work of women.Since then, MAP has funded agricultural machinery and the drilling of wells for the local population to meet its food and economic needs.

2009-2011: Sister Martinez, Bembéréké. Construction of 4 additional classes at the College of Bembéréké which hosts 2,892 students. Purchase of a livestock to sustain 20 families (80 people)
Sister Anne –Augustine. Ina. Purchase of a generator for the Health Center N'Dali.

Porto-Novo. Equipment for a medical laboratory built by MAP.

Since 2014, helped by the “Missionary Sisters of the Sacré Coeur", MAP has financed the scholarships of 20 girls in a Woman Promotion Center in Kouandé. 6.000€/a year.

In 2016, we renewed our aid to the Missionary Sisters of the Sacré Coeur for the Kouandé Woman Promotion Center. 4.500€.



Soeur Anne-Augustine des Soeurs Salésiennes de Porto-Novo / Soeur Chantal et soeur Jeanne des Soeurs Missionnaires Catéchistes du Sacré Coeur Kouandé / Soeur Incarnation Martinez des Dominicains de Bembéréké

Recent activities


  • Kouandé Woman Promotion Center, scholarships for 20 girls. 4.609€