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MAP has a longstanding friendship with the President of the association Les Amis du Liban, Mrs. Bouran Hallani, who has been working since 2002 to help children in Lebanon who are victims of abuse, neglect and poverty. Since 2013, MAP has supported Les Amis du Liban with occasional help for children. Lebanon, with more than 5.5 million inhabitants, has been going through an unprecedented economic and political crisis since 2019, with official World Bank figures stating that more than 50% of the Lebanese population lives below the poverty line and more than 30% below the extreme poverty line.

With this in mind, MAP supported Mrs. Bouran Hallani in 2019 during her field mission to purchase survival kits (4 thermal blankets, heating, oil and food -115 € per kit) for the Syrian refugee families in the Beeka camp supported by the AWDE Association, located in the North of Lebanon, 45 km from Beirut, with a 10 000€ donation.


Recent activities


  • Following the explosion in Beirut on August 4, 2020, MAP purchased essential food products for the disaster victims, as well as medical equipments, beds, walkers, canes and two electrocardiograms. 20.760 €
  • During her field mission, Mrs. Bouran Hallani visited the School des Frères Saint-Joseph, which was seriously damaged by the explosion. Close to the Lebanese problem, Monaco Aide et Présence, l'AMADE and Les Amis du Liban have joined forces on a 3-year project to rehabilitate the School. 60,000 €/year, with a total budget of 180,000 €/year.