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We began our work in Moldova in 2005 with the rehabilitation of Roshu canteen, where 25 street children receive a hot meal at midday and in the evening.

In 2007, we established the "Manfredi Center-Home" in Cahul, where 40 disadvantaged children and their families are looked after in order to reintegrate them into the educational and social system. We continue to ensure its operation.

At Cania, we built and furnished a shelter that accommodates 14 volunteers and 30 children who are provided with educational training and cultural and sporting activities. We also participate in care, home help and laundry service for elderly, sick and disabled people. 110 people benefit from these services.

In 2011, MAP equipped the Maternal Centre "In the Arms of the Mother" hosting for one year ten teenage mothers and their newborns who were abandoned by their families.

In Cania, layout of a sports ground. 


Igor Belei en Moldavie

Recent activities

2012 - 2014
  • Chisinau: Equipment of the Maternal Centre “In the arms of the Mother" with 10 rooms, 2 kitchens, 2 living rooms, 5 toilets, office space and consulting. The center hosts for a year teenage mothers and their newborns who were abandoned by their families. Real social structure: support for mothers, babies medical care, educational and psychological activities through play, assistance and training in hygiene and care with the aim of reintegrating them into life. € 29,800
  • We continue to support the functioning of the centers of Roshu and Cania and the Manfredi Centre in Cahul. € 30,600 per year
  • To enable them to have a Merry Christmas, more than 280 children and families annually receive a nice gift: toys for children, food parcels for the elderly. € 2,900 per year

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