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MAP has been present in South India since 1981. During a visit to the “Orphanage of the Saint Michel Brothers” at Coimbatore, Father Fabrice Gallo showed us children living in appalling conditions in substandard buildings. In the region, the majority of the population ignores orphans and leaves them to their fate. Therefore, MAP mobilized in order to significantly improve their living conditions. We have built a number of orphanages: Sainte-Marie Orphanage at Karumathampatti, Saint-Michel Orphanage and Saint-Joseph Workshop at Combaitore, Saint–Michel Orphange at Akkopatam, Christ the King Orphanage at Saraparai (Kerala), Virgin of Health Orphanage at Dindigul, St. Joseph Orphanage at Dharapuram and Saint Ignatius Orphanage at Kodivéri. For thirty years, MAP has funded their operation and various maintenance costs.

To survive, some operate outside the law and often end up in prison. In 1989, Father Fabrizio Gallo managed to visit the prison for young people in Coimbatore. He was shocked by the deplorable living conditions that far exceeded his worst expectations. 80 Indian children, some of them under the age of 6, were crammed into filthy cells lacking a toilet, mattress or blanket. MAP helped to build the Aayar Ambroise shelter where young, non-recidivist prisoners are housed and educated. There, they learn how to survive without breaking the law. They receive professional training that gives them a future in society. Between the home and the various orphanages, we help more than 1,000 children per year.

Meanwhile, in Madras in 1981, MAP financed the construction of the "St Joseph Clinic", which is directed by the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception.  Over time and in light of the urgent needs of the local population, funds were allocated to the expansion of the clinic. Eventually, a crèche was attached to the clinic in order to provide daycare for children and thus enable their parents to work.

In 1997, MAP began its support for the Prayers Sinai House Orphange in Mamallapuram, through constructing and improving many buildings and facilities: classrooms, a dormitory, a dining room... Since then, we fund its operation under the supervision of Pastor John and his son Moses.

In 2003, MAP financed the construction of the  aint –Léonard Clinic" in Madurai, which carries out more than 300 consultations per month.

In 2007, at Konerikuppam, following a tsunami, MAP bought land where we built a shelter for children and farmland on which we drilled a well; we also built a school and a nursery for more than 100 children.

The same year, in Dindigul, MAP launched the construction of the Home of Love boarding school for 200 girls, run by Bishop Pappusamy. In addition, we funded the construction of an orphanage-school for a hundred boys.

Recent activities

2012 - 2014
  • Purchase of a vehicle for the Centre Sainte Anne Coimbatore which hosts 260 deaf and mute handicapped children, under the responsibility of Sister Arokiamary € 9,250
  • Operating aid for health and education of children from the Central Mass Trust Dindigul which hosts 150 young people with AIDS in triple therapy. € 12,000
  • Pastor John, Mamallapuram
    • In partnership with the Monaco Association Energy, 3 missions a month are carried out on site with volunteers for the complete rehabilitation of the electrical installation and the installation of solar panels at the orphanage Sinai Prayer which hosts 60 children .18.500 €
    • Operating aid of the orphanage. € 8,000

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