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In 1990, following an exploratory mission and meeting Father Willemsen, MAP has offered assistance to the country. Since 1992, our presence was notable through a night reception center for homeless youth in the neighborhood of Niteroi: the "Santa Devota Centre". Unfortunately, Father Willemsen received death threats; he had to leave the country for his wellbeing and that of his children.

Despite the dangers that our action could result in the rough areas of the favelas, Father Renato Chiera appeared asking for assistance for "his" children of Brazil. Projects were studied, and in 1995, works to help the construction of an educational farm on the site of Tingua, began. The poor could be rehabilitated through work and selling their products.

From this new success, a program of Family Homes (Casas) began in 1996. In each house "social parents" were named that take care of a dozen Kids who can evade more easily the hell of the street and drugs.

In 2002, MAP financed the construction of a bakery shop in "Casa Nazareth" where young people are trained and produce their own bread to eat and sell.

In 2007, MAP has initiated a project in collaboration with the Monegasque Cooperation for trade training in metalwork and aluminum for 80 teenagers and disadvantaged youth. Each year over 2,000 young people are given the tools to enable them to fit properly in society.

2011 was marked by the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Casa do Menor. Two members of the MAP team went to Brazil and found the outstanding work of Father Renato and his team admirable. En 25 years, 100,000 people have passed through Casa do Menor, and 35,000 were fully reintegrated into social life.


Padre Renato Chiera

Recent activities

2012 - 2014
  • We continue to fund the operation of 3 Houses of Casa do Menor, built by MAP, that host, educate, train in workshops and reintegrate children and adolescents from the street. € 48,000 per year
  • Operating aid, faculty salaries and purchase of equipment for the Mechanical, Hairdresser, IT and Administrative Assistant workshops. € 35,800
  • Participation in the purchase of a school minibus. € 20,000

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