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In 1987, MAP was concerned about the situation in a neighborhood of Agadez, a large city in the north of the country; Dag Manett was completely isolated from any health care services. We funded the construction of the "Prince Albert Dispensary", which UNICEF subsequently designated as the official distribution point for essential drugs for the whole north. An annex was built and became a Centre of Maternal and Child Protection; it provides women better pregnancy monitoring and a hygienic place to give birth.

Motivated by the clear success of the clinic , we undertook other activities in the country: construction of schools and clinics, digging wells, purchase of livestock to allow nomadic families to remain independent ...

In addition, MAP provides school supplies, clothing, medicine and sanitary equipment, foo to many centers and hospitals throughout the country.

In 1998, in Kiota, in the south of the country, the MAP team finished the construction and inaugurated the Centre for Maternal and Child Protection, which provides health care and vaccinations for many children in the region, as requested by Sheikh Abubakar on behalf of the local population.

Starting in 1999, MAP began the phased construction of a large school complex comprising a primary school, a middle school and a high school for a total of 1,200 students.

In 2001, we began our mobile medical missions in northern Niger, which were possible thanks to a specially adapted truck: surgical operations and re-supplying of medicines and medical of equipment for dispensaries.

Recently, we have extended our assistance to the Niamey region by building a community clinic in a poor neighborhood of more than 100,000 habitants.

With the support of the DCI, we maintain a food program and the purchase of school supplies for our 9 schools and the purchase of milk for our 3 clinics. We also help the development of vegetable gardens in these desert areas: construction of wells, drip system irrigation, purchase of equipment...


Aghali Abdou dans le Nord-Niger et Agades

Recent activities

2012 - 2014
  • NIGER: After finalizing the development of African vegetable gardens in the desert with the drip system, despite a still challenging political environment, we continued on this path along side Aghali with the creation of a beef farm and the establishment of a calf-farming program. This action increases the self-financing of the populations in terms of food and the production of milk for children in the schools. € 50,000

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