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MAP and the pandemic

MAP and the pandemic
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Monaco: Mask distribution 

MAP has joined forces with les Amis du Liban to buy and distribute tens of thousands of masks in the Principality for the benefit of the elderly, the nursing staff of the CHPG and the association l’amicale de la police.

Menton and Grasse: Food aid for families 

MAP supported the Association Humanitaire des Pompiers du 06 to help needy families, whose number increased due to COVID-19. 

South India: Distribution of food, medicines, gels 

MAP donated a motorbike to the Mass Trust team to distribute food kits, medicine, masks and gels to families in remote villages. Since the beginning of the crisis, every month, we have also been financing food parcels for 150 families in need.

Brazil: Food and aid for the most vulnerable

In response to the pandemic, Casa de Menor has set up three houses to house those most vulnerable to the virus. The needs then multiplied, and MAP took charge of feeding 1000 families, as well as purchasing gels, masks and gloves.   

Cameroon: Education and prevention

MAP financed the extension of a dormitory at Obut College and the purchase of equipment to enable the Sisters to welcome young people from distant villages and ensure that they continue their schooling.

The team of the Princess Grace - Edimar Centre, that MAP has been supporting for years by covering the annual salary of the educators, has multiplied its efforts to raise awareness among street youth to protect themselves by learning barrier gestures and distributing gel and masks. 

Moldova: Distribution of hot meals

The mobile canteen, which used to give hot meals every day to 150 of the most destitute people in the squares of Chisinau, is no longer possible because of COVID-19. Thanks to our help, meals are now being distributed at home.