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40th Anniversary

40th Anniversary
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40th Anniversary of Monaco Aide et Présence

On June 14, 2019, Monaco Aide et Présence -M.A.P.- celebrated its 40th anniversary in the Court of Honour of the Prince's Palace.

This important commemoration brought together 280 people. M.A.P.'s friends, donors, volunteers and local representatives around the world celebrated the event in a friendly atmosphere where emotion and generosity were at the "rendez-vous".

In this magnificent setting, in the presence of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, accompanied by the President Donatella Campioni and the Board of Directors, followed by the always caring and approving gaze of its co-founder Dr. Richard, the M.A.P. founder Anne Marie Ledu gave a moving and heartfelt testimony that touched everyone's heart. As if needed, she reminded in simple words filled with love that we cannot stand idly by in the face of suffering and that it is crucial to continue to help the most needy.

In his address, H.S.H. Prince Albert II highlighted the extraordinary work done by M.A.P., the dedication of its administrators, volunteers and the constancy of its local representatives that enable thousands of people around the world. to have a better life.

The evening began with the surprise performance of the lyric group Soleil de Naples and ended with the musical notes of John McLaughlin, accompanied by Indian musicians and, for the occasion, the extraordinary participation of Donatella Campioni in the tamboura.

The support of the sponsors helped organize the auction of 16 prestigious lots under the leadership of Hugh Edmeades and Frederic Lefevre, during which the buyers present demonstrated their tremendous generosity with a fundraising reaching 775,000 euros. This sale was a fundamental moment for the association since the integrality donations collected or received is allocated to finance its actions in the 15 countries where it is present.

To close this event, an impressive Birthday Cake arrived in a trolley under the champagne "brindisi" of all the guests to wish M.A.P. long years of life.

The final word goes to Donatella Campioni, who was inspired by Confucius to declare:
"The hand that gives roses always keeps a little perfume inside, so that the hand that does good will always receive good in return. That's my wish for M.A.P."


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