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Sister Salomon, March 23, 2017

Sister Salomon, March 23, 2017
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On Thursday March 23, we had the pleasure of receiving Sr Anne Marie Salomon.

Missionary, doctor, 82 years old, of which 30 passed in Mali. Since 2000, MAP has been helping this extraordinary woman in her work for the nomads of northern Mali.

During dinner, with 40 members and friends of MAP, Sister Salomon with her traditional bubu, her energy and enthusiasm captured the attention of everyone by creating an atmosphere of solidarity and sharing.

She presented us with a beautiful film about her life in northern Mali and explained the different moments: the hospital of the Nomads, the visits of patients in the desert, her anger towards some of them who did not want to wait their turn, the schools she let build beside dispensaries, her struggle for women's dignity, health and education, and the so needed well... Always listening to what the men of the desert needed.

Unfortunately, for 3 years, she hasn't been able to return to the north; the situation is too dangerous and the authorities fear that she may be kidnapped.

From Bamako, with her 5 mobile phones, she remains in permanent contact with the teams she has formed which are still in their posts. She continues to send them medicines and food that MAP finances each year. Some nurses trained with MAP move with their motorcycles between the different bush clinics and the camps, bringing health assistance where it is needed.

At the end of the meal, participants approached to express their affection and admiration. Within three months, Sister Salomon will return to Mali to continue her mission.


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